SOUND + IMAGE Magazine – 2017 Sound Image Awards Winner – MMF 9.1

“If you happen to be reading this outside Australia, you should consider this award as given to the model mmf-9.3. Your non-Australian mmf-9.1s, we don’t want those — our Australian versions are better, upgraded to use a motor identical to that on the more expensive mmf-9.3. This particular motor conformed to Australia’s strict electrical code,and so was bestowed upon all the 9.1s on sale in Australia, which are therefore, according to Roy Hall of Music Hall: “essentially 9.3s”.

As you can see, the turntable, whatever you prefer to call it, is distinguished by a triple-layer plinth—one more layer than on the lower-cost mmf-7.3. Each layer is separated from the other by vibration absorbers made from sorbothane, and if you do experience any vibration issues, it’s probably because you forgot to remove the three screws that lock the layers together during transportation; a Phillips-head screwdriver does the job. The Music Hall mmf-9.1 comes with Pro-Ject’s very nice carbon-fibre tonearm. Indeed all MusicHall turntables are manufactured by Pro-Ject in the Czech Republic, Pro-Ject’s owner Heinz Lichtenegger being a personal friend of Mr Hall — though Mr Hallisquick to insist that the design of his turntables owes more to British manufacturer Revolver, for which he was once the US distributor (and also to Pink Triangle) than it does to Pro-Ject. (Hall is an interesting interviewee, which you can discover via Australian Hi-Fi at www. In Australia the turntable is sold without acartridge, but on the one we reviewed, distributor Convoy International had fitted the Pro-Ject arm with an Australian-designed cartridge, the Garrott Bros Optim FGS, which uses the ‘dynamic coil’ principle pioneered by the late John and Brian Garrott, has a Fritz Geiger Signature diamond stylus, and retails here for $1000.

The drive motor is a DC type with electronic switching between 33⅓rpm, 45rpm and standby, using a single push button on the top of the motorpod. It was totally silent—no mains or other hum audible at all,and absolutely no audible wow or flutter from its performance,nor low-frequency rumble,and speed accuracy proved similarly perfect. Meanwhile,it’s important to note the Pro-Jectcarbon-fibre arm used on the Music Hall mmf-9.1is the longer 230mm (9-inch) version, because the longer the arm,the lower the tracking error.

The result is that Music Hall’s mmf-9.1 offers an amazingly high level of performance at an amazingly low price, with chills-up-the-spine levels of musical delivery,this$2399(without cartridge) deck taking vinyl to the next level, showing both the detail available from LPs when using a high-quality turntable, and confirming the sheer musical enjoyment of the format—time and again our test tracks extended into a whole side of listening, and that’s when you know something is going very right.”

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