IsoAcoustics’ is pleased to announce that the GAIA series of speaker isolators is now compatible with the Bowers & Wilkins D3 series of speakers. The GAIA’s provide a high degree of isolation while resisting lateral movements to maintain alignment with the listening position. This results in improved sound clarity and a blossoming sound stage.

The GAIA’s have been a big hit under the B&W D2 speakers with many enthusiastic customers including the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Abbey Road Studios. B&W D2 customers install the GAIA I’s with an adapter plate that replaces the ball castors.

IsoAcoustics has now produced an adapter plate for the B&W D3 series of speakers. This new plate is designed to replace the wheels on the bottom of the D3 speakers for the GAIA I’s to connect to.

The new B&W D3 adapter plate will be shipping in September 2017.