Canadian based Lenbrook, manufacturer of acclaimed brands including NAD ElectronicsPSB Speakers and more recently Bluesound has moved to align distribution of their brands within Australia.

Having introduced Bluesound, one of the world’s most advanced wireless multi-room audio solutions and the first to market offering high-resolution streaming to Australia via Sydney based distributor Convoy, Lenbrook’s other brands have been well distributed by Melbourne based Qualifi for years.

It’s not entirely unheard of for a parent company to spread their portfolio of brands across various distributors in certain marketplaces. However as Bluesound, and in particular the BluOS ecosystem, which allows streaming across various products, has expanded from not only Bluesound products but also into NAD and soon PSB this announcement brings all three brands into aligned distribution through just one distributor.

As Convoy has moved solely into the specialist audio market this year with a focus on high resolution audio and emerging technologies, they were selected to represent the entire Lenbrook portfolio.

Lenbrook’s Managing Director, Gord Simmonds told StereoNET:

“Convoy’s recent review of their business to focus on high quality home audio makes them the ideal partner to develop further the Blue OS ecosystem found within NAD, PSB and Bluesound. Our BluOS platform is a proven solution that will provide distributors and their dealers that sell Bluesound, NAD & PSB an ecosystem of substantive products that truly differentiate.”

PSB loudspeakers, regarded as a more traditonal loudspeaker brand have recently announced Dolby Atmos solutions and more premium headphone models to fill out their quality headphone range, as well as rumoured wireless solutions. This may suggest PSB will be heading down the ‘active’ loudspeaker path that could perhaps play nicely with the BluOS platform. Hook up power, connect to your WiFi network and enjoy high resolution wireless streaming from local or internet sources.

Convoy’s carefully curated portfolio which already includes Bowers & WilkinsClasseJBLBluesound and Music Hall benefits from the addition of the NAD and PSB brands. Focusing on new technologies and the next generation of audio-visual products, Convoy CEO Geoff Matthews is pleased to welcome the new brands.

“There is no doubt this move will further strengthen Convoy’s business as it enters its 51st year. We are delighted to be partnering with NAD & PSB to complement our existing world famous line of quality audio Brands and products.”

Convoy’s ability to evolve and reinvent their business to align with the changing market is impressive, with David Cain, Lenbrook’s Director of Sales adding, “Convoy is a highly respected, progressive and innovative Importer. Our entire Lenbrook team look forward to working together to build the NAD, Bluesound and PSB brands in Australia.”

For more information visit Convoy.

Credits: Marc Rushton

August 2016

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