This turntable has a unique structure that still incorporates the regular turntable construction, but produces a sonic performance that’s on another level of awesome. What makes this turntable different from the others is that it has two plinths which hold the platter and tone arm. Right next to the platter is the Music Hall Magic 3 moving magnet cartridge and the copper-equipped tone arm. While the motor sits on the top plinth, the entire turntable is kept stable by bottom plinth.

This results in a more stable, and quieter audio performance.

The platter is far from where the vibrations occur, so that means less noise and more musical enjoyment. Additionally, the so-called Viso-elastic cones are there to keep the two plinths apart, while also functioning as a vibration damping component.

This is a clever turntable designed and manufactured by turntable Pro’s.